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Expert Adviser


DATC Consulting Group is a company that was started based on strong family values.  We believe that working with a team is the key to success in any business and personal venture we face in life.

Our President, Demetrios Brooks, raised in Texas is a Dallas/Fort Worth based business professional specializing a comprehensive business consulting. With over ten years of experience, he has spent his professional career crafting and learning business techniques while managing and training employees to help them reach their full potential in their careers. 

In addition, he has extensive experience serving highly valued customers by providing them effective and efficient solutions.  He completed his undergraduate program from the University of Louisiana, Lafayette in Business Management and further pursued his MBA with a concentration in Human Resource Management from Strayer University.  During his tenure at Strayer University, he was nominated as the Head of Student Advisory Board from the faculty and staff for the Graduate and Undergraduate Chapter. 

Furthermore, he has studied and participated in numerous case studies on Strategic Management and understands the importance for strategic alliance.  He has received his Society for Human Resource Management-Certified Professional (SHRM-CP) Certification.  With a passion to help people, he makes his purpose to educate and learn from anyone who exchanges the idea of growing internally.  Known for his professionalism; his eagerness to build long-term relationships and create client oriented solution, Demetrios is always seeking to find a win-win situation.

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